Thursday, November 30, 2006

"service scorecard" workshops

The nicest way that I can put this is that the shit will hit the fan for the Port Authority in about 1 month. Despite a better financial picture than what was originally projected, a deficit is still a deficit and NO flex funding will be coming to the rescue this year.

PAT has one more public hearing to get input on how they should be evaluating their service. So far, the workshops have been productive.

There was some coded language in their ad in the CityPaper this past week.
"It's your chance to share your thoughts on everything except fare levels and future plans for specific routes."
This was coded language to deter people from showing up to bitch about the North Shore Connector or the possibility of paying even a nickel more for bus fare.

To get a little bit of background on why they're doing this. You can read the guyasuta blog entry or go right to the PG article from Oct. 27 that announced the "service scorecard".

If you weren't able to make any of the meetings, you can still comment via the web.


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