Thursday, November 30, 2006

finding a "champion"

Public transit may have found it's new "champion" in Harrisburg. Yesterday's PG noted that Dan Frankel will make mass transit a priority.
Mr. Frankel vowed to push for an "urban agenda" to help Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, with aid for mass transit
This comes on the heels of Gov. Ed Rendell's statements that he will seek to secure transportation & infrastructure funding in 2007.

We were also very lucky to have the State Rep-elect Chelsa Wagner in attendance for our City Council Post Agenda meeting with Darlene Harris, Twanda Carlisle, and Bill. Ms. Wagner said that she was impressed with the thoroughness of our work and has expressed a willingness to help gather Allegheny County representatives.

Now if we could only reach across the aisle to find support for transportation from Republicans, we'd be set. They still control the State Senate and will certainly be challenging the Dem's control over the State House.


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