Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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Investing in Our Future
Tranportation Funding & Reform Commission Initial Findings & Request for Public Input

Center for Transportation Excellence
A policy research center created to serve the needs of communities and transportation organizations nationwide

A Profile of the Pittsburgh Region
a synthesis of Brookings Institution's findings regarding PGH

ASCE Report Card for PA Infrastructure
The Keystone is Crumbling

Back to Prosperity
A Competitive Agenda for Renewing Pennsylvania

Sustainable Pittsburgh's Transportation Funding Initiative

2030 Transportation and Development Plan for Southwestern Pennsylvania (the Regional Plan)
Tranportation & Development Plan for Southwestern PA

Allegheny County Railroad Corridor Study amended 8/05

Allegheny County Railroad Corridor Study Summary amended 8/05

On the Move
A Basic Guide to Transportation Planning

Small airports making the most of limited improvement dollars

Pittsburgh Business Times, Feb. 24, 2006

2020 Transit Vision Study
The Regional Strategic Vision for Public Transportation Serving Southwestern Pennsylvania

Eastern Corridor Transit Study
Transitional Analysis to Locally Preferred Alternatives

Multimodal Airport Corridor Project

major investment study

Funds still needed for commuter rail study

VALLEY NEWS DISPATCH, October 13, 2004

Port Authority facing deficit of $31 million
Post-Gazette, June 24, 2006

Rendell calls for further study of passenger train proposal
TRIBUNE-REVIEW, Sunday, May 4, 2003

Study Outlines Transit's Future
Regional report list improvement "menu"

Train Study Results Blasted
Tribune-Review, June 30, 2003

Can we get there from here? Transportation panel eyeing tough choices
Post-Gazette article, Aug. 5, 2006

Citizens Alternative to the Mon-Fayette Toll Road

Is the Money There? Financing of the Mon/Fayette & Southern Beltway Toll Roads

CONSAD's Final Report to the Urban Land Institute

Mon-Fay's Future in Legislature's Hands
Turnpike Commission Chief Executive Officer Joe Brimmeier said it's up to the state Legislature to decide whether to finish what it started in 1985:

Mon-Fayette Expressway Funds Fall Short
Study finds inflated price for two toll roads can't be met

PennDOT's 10-Step Process
10-Step Tranportation Development Process

Road Solution May Be Taxing
Post-Gazette article, Aug 24, 2006

Job Access in the Cranberry Area Executive Summary
Critical Issues Affecting Workforce Development and Economic Development in SW PA

Job Access in the Cranberry area
complete report on critical issues affecting workforce and economic development in SW PA

Onorato Announces Transportation Action Team

Group to focus on viable next steps for Chief Executive’s six-point transportation plan

Project Region
the Southwestern Pennsylvania Plan

Regional Transit Vision (SPC)
A Regional Strategic Vision for Public Transportation Serving Southwestern Pennsylvania

State Motor Fuel Excise Tax Rates
Chart indicating taxes on unleaded & diesel fuels for all US states

Transportation Priorities Project II
Clark County, Washington (Dec. 2004)

Allegheny County Councilman Lambastes PAT Over Wages
Oct 15, 2006

Another Option for Road Funding

Study Proposes Regional Taxes

Cars Facing Stricter Emissions Limits
By 2008, new vehicles sold in Pennsylvania will meet California's tough regulations

Getting Around: More Cooperation Could Improve Transit, Save Money

Getting Around: Governor may be leaving door open for gasoline tax hike

Getting Around: Transportation news riles people up, and they speak

Ideas flow for road funding as transportation panel hears from public

Lawmakers study private investment for roads
Plan would ease cost for new infrastructure

Overtime Bedevils Port Authority
Top Pay for Bus Driver is More Than $90,000

Penn Ave. Reconstruction Put on Hold
Garfield leaders upset at city puts project on hold

Privitization Backlash in Indiana

Plan to turn over toll road to foreign firms spawns political storm

Record transit fare hikes loom if state fails to hike aid
Port Authority links single $2.50 fare to its state funding

Transit hearings on possible fare increases shift into reverse

State, county want Port Authority to wait

Transportation Report Describes 'Crisis' in PA

Post Gazette article, Aug 23, 2006

U.S. gives green light to tunnel under river

Whereas roads are bad, transit is broke, panel meets
Post-Gazette, June 5, 2006


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